Yoosee IP Camera

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see url Today, the overall security of a home or office has emerged than ever before. This is the reason that the trend of purchasing the different type of security camera is rising. Some security cameras have wires, while others are wireless. One of the Best Wireless security cameras is IP Cameras. Hidden Cameras Pakistan is a well-known brand that always takes care of its worthy customers. Today, the company has come up with a new, unique and amazing product as the IP Camera Yoosee.

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here As the name suggests, the IP camera Yoosee is a wireless security camera that can be installed in a home or office without any problem. The camera has a cutting-edge Internet Protocol feature. All  you need to do is to configure the IP camera with the local Wi Fi DSL router. After that, you have to configure the DSL router settings in your internet-enabled smartphone, tablet or PC to get a live view of the room or office in which the camera is placed.

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click here The IP Camera Yoosee features the 1.0 MP CMOS camera lens that is quite capable of making HD 720p real-time videos. The distinctive feature of this device is that it also features the night mode. The camera is equipped with 6 IR LEDs that can make clear video of any dark environment. The result of the night vision is really stunning. Another cool feature about this device is that it is equally supported on both mobile platforms as the Android and iOS. So, all the users just have to install the software on their Apple or Android devices and after that, they can get the real-time video footage on the screen of their devices.


follow site This multipurpose wireless security camera is suitable for homes, offices, warehouses, shops and so on. The overall procedure of installation and configuration of the device is very simple, easy and it doesn’t require any complications at all. This amazing and versatile security camera could be purchased exclusively from the official franchise of Hidden Cameras Pakistan.

Generic Ambien Qualitest Additional Features of the IP Camera Yoosee:

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  1. Multipurpose Wireless Security Camera
  2. Plug and play
  3. Small, compact and lightweight
  4. Features IR night vision mode
  5. Features two-way audio recording
  6. Comes with Built-in speaker and Mic
  7. Features the cutting-edge gravity sensing system
  8. Support multiple alarm protocols as the siren alarm, motion detection alarm, email alarm and phone push alarm

Buy Xanax On The Internet Technical Specifications of the IP Camera Yoosee:

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  1. Camera: 1.0 MP HD CMOS camera
  2. Resolution: 720 x 1280
  3. Wi Fi Support: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
  4. Power: 5V DC
  5. Dimensions of Product: 2.67 x 6.61 x 4.34 (Length x Width x Height)

here go site Package Contains:

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click here 1 X IP Camera Yoosee including screws and bracket for installation

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here 1 x USB Cable

follow url 1 x Power Adapter

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enter 1 x Instruction Manual

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