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Wall listening device can make possible to listen voices with in the room while you standing outside of the room.  It works by boosting the sound waves.  When someone talks, so the voice travels in the form of waves through small and large distances.  When the wall listening device is power on, so it captures these waves and boost them, so that you can hear them.  You have just to fix the device with a wall and connect the head phones with it to hear the voice on the other side of the wall.  It can operate on concrete walls, wood, steel, bricks etc.  It can work accurately when the thickness is not more the 8 inches.  The boosting capacity can be changed by the dialing pad.

Features of wall listening device:

  1. Operates on wooden, steel, concrete, glass walls etc
  2. Very sensitive, adjust it with great care to listen the voice clearly
  3. The device is sold as an investigative gadget, for only certified investigators
  4. Made of plastic material
  5. Color: black
  6. Supports USB
  7. On/Off buttons with controlling dial
  8. Censored
  9. Internal powerful lithium battery
  10. Size: 43*36mm

How to operate wall listening Device:

It is very easy to us. Turn on the device, connect it with the headphone, fix it on a wall and start listening what is going on the other side of the wall. The device works on boosting the waves of sound. These waves may cover small and large distances base on the intensity. These waves are caught by the device and then boosted to provide you a clear listening.  The sensor in the device minimizes the sounds produced by the waves striking on the floor, ceiling and other materials so that you can hear a clear voice.  If people are talking slow, so you can change the boosting frequency front h dialing pad located at the aback of the device.

Wall listening device Package comprises of:

  1. One pair of headphone
  2. One adapter
  3. One usb cable
  4. One wall listening device

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