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GSM alram sys.6-750x750


GSM home security system is a wireless system and easy to use.  It consists of advanced chipset with coding 2262. It can be used for the security of homes, shopping malls, schools, industries, police department, railway department and other law and security agencies.

 Home security GSM alarm system:

  • GSM home security alarm system
  • Electronic arm by timing
  • Can be operated by a mobile phone
  • It consists of 6 wireless and 4 wired alarm zones
  • Six phone alarm and 3 sms alarm
  • Strong battery with long life

 Advantages of GSM Security system:

Can be installed at homes Schools, lawns, shop etc

 Features of GSM security System:

  • Six wireless ports and four wired ports which can be provided with a number of devices
  • It can send sms to three numbers while alarming
  • You can hear the voice clearly
  • Powerful battery with standby
  • Protected with password when the device is operating
  • Control the device using a mobile phone

Technical Specifications of GSm security system:

  • Required power: 9V
  • Current less than 25 A
  • Frequency 320 MHz
  • GSM quality GSM 800


Home security system Package Comprises of:

  • GSM security system main unit
  • Door sensor
  • One motion Sensor
  • Two set of remotes
  • One charger
  • One antenna
  • User guidance
  • one buzzer

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