GSM Bug device



The GSM Bug device is an advanced technology secret device.  It is very small in size and requires a sim card to start operation.  It is very useful for different kinds of safety such as your car, office and even the children to supervise.  When you called on the device, it will automatically give you reply with the help of a delicate microphone.  So you can listen clearly what people are saying who are sitting close to this device after calling to this device, but no one will recognize because it is the replica of a USB device.  The device is supported with four small microphones and you can listen from a distance of three meters. Simply put a SIM card into the device and keep the device at a place where you want to spy. The device can be connected to the computer for charging.

 Operational Descriptions of GSM bug device:

  • Charging: 25-35 minutes
  • Camera 5.1 Mega Pixels
  • Standby time: 12-24 hours
  • Talk time 2.5 hours

 Precautions while using GSM Bug device:

  • Insert the sim into the slot in correct direction
  • For call and sms the standard call charges may apply
  • Wait for 10 seconds after the indicator is off to take out the sim
  • Require the GSM bands 850MHz, 900 MHz
  • Cannot support 3G network

GSM bug device Package includes:

  • One GSM Bug device
  • One charger
  • One USB cable
  • Dimensions: 15*15*20cm
  • Weight: .3kg



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