Endoscope for Android and PC



The PC and Android Endoscope is basically a waterproof mini endoscope that can be used to get the clearest pictures at those places where a normal size camera cannot be used. This versatile mini endoscope is equipped with 6 bright LED’s that can be used to illuminate the dark areas where a picture has to be taken. The PC and Android Endoscope come with a dimmer switch through which you can increase or decrease the brightness of LED according to your requirement.

The endoscope for Android and PC is IP67 certified waterproof camera, so all the users can use the endoscope in the place where there is a lot of moisture. All the users can even use it underwater for several applications without any problem. This device can be connected with a mobile, so it can give real-time clear view on the screen of android-based smartphones. Moreover, you can also use the device in the computer to get the view on the screen of the computer.

The PC and Android comes with a large size cable that measure 3.5 meters. This cable is quite enough if you want to use the mini endoscope in the remote area. The camera of the device can shoot video and it can also take the crystal clear pictures. The Endoscope can be an ideal option to use specifically in those places where there is low or absolutely no light.

The PC and Android comes with two additional attachments as well. These attachments include the side audition, magnet and a small hook. The magnet can be used to attract the small metallic parts that falls deep inside something. The hook can also be used to lift the objects from someplace. Please note that this device will only work with those smartphones that have the On the Go (OTG) feature and it will not support the smartphones that doesn’t support this feature.  

This multipurpose Endoscope can be used for research, precision instrument detection, pipeline maintenance and so on.

How tose the Mini Endoscope?

  1. In the very first step, you have to download the mobile application from the source provided in the instruction manual
  2. Now, you have to connect the endoscope with the PC or OTG smartphone
  3. The computer or smartphone will automatically install the drivers on the next moment after you attached it to smartphone or PC
  4. Now you have to use the options displayed in the app
  5. Finish

Additional Features of the PC and Android Endoscope:

  • Multipurpose Endoscope
  • IP67 grade certified
  • Equipped with 6 LEDs
  • Can record video and can also take images

Technical Specifications of the PC and Android Endoscope Pakistan:

  1. Total length of cable: 3.5 meter
  2. LED: 6 LEDs
  3. Resolution on Computer: 640 x 480
  4. Focal Distance: 3 – 8 cm
  5. Supported Platform: Android and Windows

Package Contains:

  • 1 x Mini PC Endoscope
  • 1 x Small Hook
  • 1 x Magnet
  • 1 x Side Audition
  • 1 x USB Adapter
  • 1 x User Manual


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