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cloth hook camera 7-750x750

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The cloth hook camera is a hidden camera which provides an alternative way to supervise your home or office with 5.1 Mega Pixels Camera.  The high quality video recording can be set by default or by the motion identifying feature.

 How to Use cloth hook camera:

The first step to use the cloth hook camera is to charge it. It can be charged by using a cable and connect it with the USB port to a pc or using the adapter which is provided with it. There will be a blinking green light which shows that the device is charging .it is suggested to charge the device for 25 mints to get good backup.

The second step is to install a micro SD card. Make it sure that the card is completely formatted.   When you want to take out the card, so simply push the card and it will come out with a click.  To start the device press the button for 3 seconds, device will go to standby mode. When you want to switch off the device, press button for three seconds. The light will flash for three times, and then goes off.  If the device is not in use for five minutes, it will automatically turn off.

 How to Record Video with cloth hook camera:

When this hidden camera device is on standby mode, holds the video button for 2 seconds. The light will flash for two times and then goes off, indicating that the video is recording. The video will be recorded in parts.  To finish the video, press the video button once.  The video file will be saved automatically and then the light will flash showing that the device is returned back to standby mode. 

 Viewing Recorded files in cloth hook camera:

If you want to see the saved files, so first of all turn off the device and then connect it to the pc via USB port. It will operate as a removable drive. you may select the required file. If it does not operate automatically so simple click on start button, select my computer and then select removable disk options.  Click the folder by the name of DCIM.  This folder includes the videos and images. Copy these files into your pc to view them.

 Setting date and time of cloth hook camera:

 You can easily set the date and time o your device.  Simply make a .txt file in your pc and give it the name ‘time’. In this file enter the date and time in this format year, month, day, hour, minute, second. Once the file is created, copy it to the device folder. Once you have copied the file in the device, Turn off your device and record video again, This time your videos will show the date and time you have entered.

 Installation of cloth hook camera:

For superior quality, it is suggested to arrange the device at a height of 5-6 feet from the ground with its area of locality between 1-10 feet from the camera. To ascend the device on a wall attach the flat side of the mounting board straight toward the wall. Now move it down and the device will be locked on its place. If you want to remove the device so simply drag it up.


If the micro SD card is not correctly installed, so the light will flash for a while and then turns off when you press the video button. So make sure that the card is properly formatted and correctly installed.If the device is given so many instructions at a time, so the light keeps glowing and the device is hanged. So restart the device in this situation.


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