camera watch HD LED



This stylish 8 GB night vision stainless steel spy watch looks like an elegant watch, with a hidden lens inside.  It helps to make high definition videos for secret investigations or supervisions. The infrared light will help to record even at night times. It is water resistant. Can be used for hiking, travelling, health and education.

Features of camera watch HD:

  1. Night version recording
  2. Time adjustment function
  3. Internal speaker for voice recording
  4. Video resolution 1920*1280
  5. Camera 12 Mega Pixels
  6. Format: AVI
  7. Memory: 8 GB built in
  8. 6 months warranty

Operational instructions of camera watch HD:

Power on:  hold the power button, red and blue light will flash; the device is in standard mode.

Video record:  hold the photo button for a while, red light will blink for three times and then shut down, showing that the video is recording. To stop the video again hold the photo button for a while. The device will save the video after five minutes.


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