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Camera lighter is an ideal unit for audio and video recording.  It looks like an ordinary cigarette lighter but internally it is supported with a hidden camera.  If the lighter is on motion detection mode, it can work for 12 hours, and if used, battery will last for 2 hours.  The device is capable of recording audio and videos, capture photos and also consists of sound controlling feature so you can on or off the sound accordingly.  It is very compact and you can put it in your pocket. It can start working with a single click.

 Features of Camera cigarette Lighter:

  • Single use lighter with spy recorder.
  • Can be easily converted to video recording.
  • Sound control.
  • Camera 5.1 Mega Pixels
  • HD camera.
  • Easily connected with pc. No driver needed.
  • Size: 80*22*10 mm
  • Available in different colors.

 Specifications of camera lighter:

  • Pinhole lens.
  • Photo resolution 1280*1080 pixels.
  • File format: JPG and AVI.
  • Color audio and video.
  • Battery can be recharged.
  • Support SD card.


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