Camera sunglasses 2,700

Description Camera Sunglasses are a hand free devices for making secret videos with the help of its 3.1 mega pixel camera. It is difficult for anyone to evaluate that you are making video just because it looks like a normal sunglasses. You can use maximum upto 32 GB micro SD card for recording and storing multiple files. Ideal for hikers, bikers, shooters, police warden etc.

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Cheap Valium Uk Features of camera glasses:

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  • Spy glasses intensions 960*640
  • Can support SD card up to 32 GB
  • Standby time 2.5 hours
  • Camera 3.1 Mega Pixels
  • Video resolution 960*660
  • Video format AVI
  • Charging tome 20 minutes
  • Image resolution 1280*960
  • Can be used for data transfer
  • 20 frames per second

Buy Adipex Online Usa enter site Camera glasses Package comprises of:

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  • One charger
  • One USB car charger
  • One data cable
  • One camera glasses
  • One secure box
  • 06 months warranty

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