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The rapid advancement in science and technology has made it possible the creation of large sized devices into miniature devices. One of the wonders associated with the science and technology is Camera Glasses. The Camera Glasses just looks like the normal contact glasses the people wear to cover the deficiency of their eyesight. But, these glasses are different in a way that it is equipped with miniature sized covert camera that is fully capable of recording 720p HD Videos on the go. The name of this revolutionary glass is Camera Glasses G3000 presented by the Franchise of Hidden Cameras.

آج کل کے دور میں عینک کی افادیت سے انکار نہیں کیا جا سکتا۔ جہاں یہ لوگوں کی آنکھوں کو دھوپ سے بچاتی ہے وہاں یہ لوگوں کی کمزور بینائی دور کرنے میں بھی معاون ثابت ہوتی ہیں۔ مگر آج ہم آپ کو اس کا ایک اور حیرت انگیز فائیدہ بتائیں گے جو یقیناء آپ کو چونکا دے گا۔ آپ اسی عینک کو خفیہ ویڈیو کی ریکارڈنگ کے لیۓ بھی استعمال کر سکتے ہیں۔ اس حیرت انگیز ایجاد کا نام ہے Camera Glasses G3000۔ ان Glasses کی مدد سے آپ کبھی بھی اور کہیں بھی ریکارڈنگ کر سکتے ہیں اور وہ بھی بنا کسی کے نظروں میں آۓ بغیر۔

طریقۂ استعمال:

سب سے پہلے آپ کو Camera Glasses G3000 کو آن کرنا ہے۔ آن کرنے کی لیۓ آپ کو اس کا Power کے بٹن کو 2-3 سیکنڈ کے لیۓ پریس کرنا ہے۔ اب اگر آپ ریکارڈنگ کرنا چاہتے ہیں تو Video Recording کے بٹن کو 1-2 سیکنڈ کے لیۓ پریس کرنا ہے۔ اب ریکارڈنگ شروع ہو چکی ہے۔ اسی ریکارڈنگ کو روکنے کے لیۓ آپ کو وہی Video Recording والے بٹن کو 1-2 سیکنڈ کے لیۓ پریس کرنا ہے اور ریکارڈنگ رک جاۓ گی۔


The Camera Glasses G3000 shaped just like the normal contact glasses, so no third party would know that you are using some special kind of surveillance gadget. The lens of this device is smartly positioned in a way that no third person could detect it even with a closer look. This device is equipped with 5 MP CMOS camera that stores stunning videos with crystal clear audio. The visual result of this device is simple unmatched and amazing. Moreover, all the video files are saved in AVI format that is widely recognized by a wide number of android, Windows and Mac devices.

The is Camera Glasses G3000 has a slot of memory card, so you can insert the memory card in the device ranging from 4 Gigabytes to 32 Gigabytes max. It means; you can store tons of video in a single go without the need to empty the card again to start another recording session. These Glasses are accompanied by a standard USB cable that can be used to charge the glasses and the same cable can also be used to retrieve the stored data from the memory card of the device. This device is plug and play and it doesn’t need any additional drivers at all.

You just have to connect the glasses 15-20 minutes with a computer. Please do not use any type of fast chargers and do not exceed the charging time by any case, as it can harm your device. You can use the device continuously for about 1.30 – 2 Hours after one complete charging.  Now you do not have to miss the memorable moments of life, as now you can record each second that matters you most. If you want to get access to the stored data, then you can also use the same USB cable for this purpose.

The Camera Glasses G3000 could be the perfect gadget for students, businessmen, housewives, adventure seekers and enthusiasts. This revolutionary gadget is presented to you by the official PAKISTAN franchise of the HiddenCameras.PK. If you want to place an order for this product, then all you have to do is to call at this number 0310-2449049. After that, our representative will help you to process your order.

Additional Features of the Camera Glasses G3000:

  1. Revolutionary Camera Glasses with encryption read disk function
  2. Records HD 720p videos with breathtaking clarity and sharp crystal sound
  3. Features memory card slot
  4. Plug and play. No driver needed at all
  5. User friendly controls for easy operation
  6. Lightweight, portable and stylish

Technical Specifications of the Camera Glasses G3000:

  1. Specs of Lens: 5 MP CMOS Camera
  2. FPS: 30 Frames per second
  3. Resolution: 1280 x 720
  4. Format of Videos: AVI
  5. Battery Capacity: 280mAH Li-Ion Polymer high capacity battery
  6. size of the memory card: 32 GB
  7. Weight of the product: 40 Grams (approx.)
  8. Dimensions of Product: 16 x 6.8 x 4.8 CM (Length x Width x Height)

Package Includes:

1 x Camera Glasses G3000

1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual


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