How to find hidden camera- part 6 – Other hiding place

Other hiding places for cameras:

There are a number of places to hide a secret camera.  There are also different products in which these cameras are installed  for example  garden pots,  silk plants,  bird cages,  baby dolls,  copies, books, hand held products, pens, glasses, pencils, perfumes, water tanks,  ties, skirts,  tissue boxes etc. Among the electrical products that can hold the camera are radios, different types of clocks, watches, remote control, speakers, and motion detectors etc.  Another common method for hiding the camera is the use of a dummy radio antenna.  The device is packed in the lower part of the antenna.  The light is reflected to the lens with the help of a mirror. One of the hidden places a Russian spy declared is to install a secret camera in the headlights of the cars.  An identical installation is also proposed by an American patent.

Sometimes the cameras are installed on the back of a painting or a poster.  The cameras can also be hidden in the switch of the light equipments. Many light switches can be modified to a micro CCD or CMOS cameras.  Some switches have mini controlling lights.  The cover of this light switches can be used to install a micro secret camera.  Perfect results can also be achieved by transforming the cover into an infrared filter.  An interesting application of the Spy cameras is the body worn camera pen .  These might be installed inside the cap and can capture the happening through the hole of the cap.  Other places to hide a camera include the inners side of the shirt or a trouser.

Electronic aids for finding a camera:

Up till now places were a secret camera can be installed were discussed. The knowledge that has been shared so far can provide some ideas on what is feasible and what to look for. It is a important for visual surveillance.  In majority of the cases, visual observation is not sufficient and some additional methods are required to make a clear inspection.  Some of the methods are given below. It is suggested to use one of these methods to make the inspection reliable. Not all these methods can be used for home use.

Non linear junction detector:

Majority of the electronic surveillance equipments contains non-linear parts such as transistors and diodes.  In contrast to the metal detectors, non linear junction detectors will only detect the non linear parts. The other conductive objects cannot be detected by the detector.  The non-liner junction detector releases a clear signal in the 900 MHz area and their reflection is used to analyze the harmonics.  The non linear parts will enable the harmonics to materialize within the reflected signal. These harmonics are not visible in the reflected signals.  They have some drawbacks as well. Some parts of the metal can appear as the non linear objects, so it may result on a false alarm.  In practical, these metals can be differentiated from the non-linear parts because they provide a different harmonics. Another way to differentiate between them is to apply the mechanical pressure to the device with great care.  It can be done by using a rubber hammer. For example metallic links will change their electronic attributes upon mechanical pressure and as a result they will remain silent.  On the other hand, the electronic components usually maintain their attributes.  An attacker may remain secure by protecting his/her secret device while passing through the non-linear junction detectors. This is viable because the detectors use the frequency in the 900 MHz range that can be covered very easily. It is also proposed to use the secondary circuitry that can detect the strong frequency bands.  For apparent reasons, the non-linear junction detectors cannot be used to observe the secret cameras concealed in other electronic devices. The main disadvantage of the non-linear detectors is its high price.

Time domain reflectrometry:

In the camera takeover section, it was proposed that it is viable to take over the pre installed CCTV cameras by tapping the wires that transmit the signals. Such taps can be identified with the help of a time domain reflectro meter.  The time domain reflectro meter can be used to examine the reflective attributes of wire and cables.  The main principle is to feed the vibrations of shorter time in the wire and then observe the reflection of the vibrations with the help of an oscilloscope. Interweaves, taps, circuits will show variations to the reflections and can be differentiated from each other. The time period between the transmission of the pulse and the reception of its reflection can be noticed from the oscilloscope display. This enables the user to get the distance to the area were the reflection takes place. Advanced time domain reflectro meter are costly while the normal one can be purchased at 20 dollars.  In addition, an oscilloscope is also required which is more expensive. One of the drawbacks is that they cannot observe the isolated objects and inductive taps. The experiments also show that these cannot work accurately with the cables of length less than two meters.

X-ray inspection system:

Counterespionage experts use X-ray based inspection systems when they feel that secret surveillance devices embedded into objects are difficult to disassemble.  For example an X-ray scan may be carried out for finding bugs that are disguised as standard parts. Other examples are the wooden devices that are too expensive to be disassembled.  The same X-ray is done for the scanning of the luggage.  The X-ray based monitoring system can be classified into two groups, film based and digital systems.  Films based are the more conventional methods. They are known to the people because they have a wide use in medical industry. The film based system is supported with X-ray emitter and the layers of phototropic film which is placed on the opposite end of the object which is under consideration. The film is chemically organized to give monochrome display of the object. Because of the high reactivity of the film, only a small pulse of X-ray of sufficient intensity is required.  Digital systems do not use the photographic film but an electrical detector.  The signals produced by the detector are examined on the computer which then shows the captured picture. The systems installed in the airports are the digital ones.

The main drawback of the X-ray inspection system is the huge size, large weight and high cost.  The users that have necessary resources can visit the Telebrand Pakistan website to buy a perfect security X-ray system.  Please note that the X-ray radiations create serious health problems. So it is recommended to avoid the home made X-ray equipments for detecting the secret devices.  Release of X-ray radiations in public property is illegal and must be avoided.  Most S-ray systems have another drawback. The sensor and the emitter are required to be placed on the opposite side of the object under consideration.  This doesn’t create any problem for smaller objects, but it will be very difficult to monitor the large objects.  By carefully examining the back scattered X-rays, it is possible to look inside the large objects.  For this method only one side of the material requires to be scanned. This method was discovered primarily to help in the bomb detection, but can be used for other purposes as well.

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