How to find hidden camera- part 5 – Outdoor surveillance

Outdoor Surveillance:

There is An American patent that has shown the method to conceal a camera in the street lamps.  He proposed to restore the image detector above the lamp with a small tube containing a small periscope.  In collision with servos it gives a 360 degree view.  The camera can be operated by a remote control.  As a substitute, the camera can also be adjusted in the housing lamp.  In this method it will appear below the glass cover.  The writer also proposed to replace the normal street bulb with a halogen tube.  This is important because it will provide some space for the camera.  As the light of the halogen tube varies from the light of the standard bulbs, so 10 color filters must be used to minimize this difference.  Another American patent shows how to conceal cameras into external lighting fixtures.  The cameras can be installed in distribution cylinders and electric transformers.  For inspection purposes, sometimes dummy transformers are provided which contain the whole setup to operate the camera.  These secret cameras can also be placed in wooden applications.  Woods watch has created various surveillance procedures for outdoor use.  spy cameras concealed in branches of the tree, birds’ nests and rocks are available in the market.  These cameras contain a Hi-8 camcorder and can also work at night and can be operated by active infrared motion detectors. 

Taking over pre installed cameras:

Another possibility which is not given importance is to take over the camera installed by the victim.  This involves the cameras that are installed by default in the equipments owned by the victim. If the striker succeeds to get the control of these cameras, the victim can be monitored unnoticed.  Although the victim is familiar with the camera, but he doesn’t recognize that it is being uses against him.  In fact, cameras that are taken over resemble the secret cameras.  Taking over the victim owned cameras exploits a common misunderstanding, namely the doubt of the plan of the ownership with the plan of control.  Neither owning a camera neither makes the camera confidential nor it provides the full control of it.

Examples of spy hidden cameras that can be taken over are the computer run micro cameras, generally known as webcams.  These have been very famous now days and can be purchased at a very low price.  Given the fact that Trojan based takeovers are very insignificant with famous home user operators, and it is a major risk.  Some Trojans even support snatching pictures from the closed webcams by default. This reveals that the security of the computer is also important. It is advised not to connect the microphones to the networking computers for longer time.  The same principle works on some toy like LEGO, MINDSTORMS™, etc.

Takeover candidate include cameras concealed in hand handle note books and mobile phone etc.  The coming generation of mobile phones and note books will contain built in cameras.  Most of the people will be having a device that will contain a built in camera.  Camera takeover attacks can be made more productive by adding modified firmware. On the networked equipments such as cellular phones this may be accomplished by the help of remote firmware updates.  Without any hesitation this will be used by a number of security agencies. Even in the automobiles industry there are many chances for camera takeovers.  Some drivers of large vehicles install the micro cameras on the rear of the vehicle which helps them in parking.  In 1997, a proposal was sent to the IEEE for installing the CMOS pinhole cameras in the cars for making signal identification and commanding the air bags and other equipments.  The author proposed to install the camera on the rear front of the car to monitor the rear front and the surrounding areas. The author also proposes to install a second camera on the rear end for monitoring the intruders in the area. Another study proposed the face lab, an eye tracking procedure.  The procedure consists of a micro camera installed at the dashboard of the cars in front of the driver.  The system will give an alarm if the driver is sleeping.    

In the last 10 years, there has been a strong tendency towards the video cameras in sensor mechanisms.  In the coming time the sensors will be replicated by the active infrared technology. The ancient computer screens that can provide the three dimensional view used the video cameras to observe the position of the viewer.  This is important in order to give a stable three dimensional display, irrespective of the fact on which the angle is set.

Even those people who do not have any equipment are not safe from camera takeovers. CCTV cameras can also been taken over in many circumstances, for example by tapping the signal booster cable.  Majority of the CCTV camera use coax cables which are easy to tap.  The wireless secret cameras are even easier to tap.  In majority of the cases the imparted video signal is not converted so it can be easily intercepted. In fact if the signals are converted, it has to suppose that the conversion can be broken by the professional attackers.  There are video scanners that are used to scan the passage used by the attackers. Installing these scanners in the car and driving through the city gave effective results.  This shows that the privacy statement of the owners who utilize such cameras is nothing because anyone can get, examine and record the signals of the device.

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