How to find hidden camera- part 3 : Places to hide cameras

Three popular hiding places for cameras:

There is no single method that will exactly find out the video surveillance.  There are some precious tools which can aid, but their use must be conducted by careful visual analysis of all the common camera secret places. An important benefit of the visual analysis is that it can be done instantly without any plan or equipment. Go ahead and visit our social media pages. There is an abundance of pictures showcasing how it should and should not be done. While at it, be sure to leave a like, so we don’t have to rely on outside help from The Marketing Heaven.  

The following part will show some important and interesting procedures and areas for installing a secret camera. It does not cover all the aspects, but should sufficient to provide the basic idea.

 Distant and off scene cameras:

Some procedures to hide a camera simply depend on the way human senses work.  A very common method is to place a secret camera on a large distance from the place to be monitored.  It does not affect the quality of the image because tale lens can be used to reimburse for the distance.  For this method, there is no requirement of the miniature cameras, although they are easy to install and hide.  Standard inspection cameras with the right color are very difficult to find out and usually they have mount plug which is required to attach the lens.  In theory, it is very easy to locate these cameras, but practically it is a very difficult task.  This is the reason there is a huge debate on these cameras that whether they are hidden or exposed. Examples include cameras installed on the ceilings, churches, Mosques and trees.  Another scheme based on how human senses works, uses the fact that the cameras are generally supposed to be installed on the face level or above. Examples for these are the cameras located at the counters or doors.  In most cases, the camera is noticed only by the person who reckons a secret camera.

Two way mirror:

One of the common places for hiding a secret camera is behind a two way mirror.  These can be frequently viewed on the TV shows as hidden cameras.  Two way mirrors are also known as semi silvered mirrors and half silvered mirrors.  The two way mirrors differ from the common mirror in two ways.  First they do not contain the opaque coating on the back side as compared to the normal mirrors.  Second, the reflecting material is less thick then the normal mirrors.  The density of the mirrors can be set according to the requirement. When the mirror is thicker, less light can pass through it.  As the light is difficult to reflect, the two ways mirrors look dark then the normal one.  But, this should not be trusted when searching for two way mirror, because the density of the reflecting material can be selected freely. There is no standard way to differentiate between a two way mirror and the common mirror. If the striker wants to make the mirror does not appear to be a two way, so he/she will use more thick coating.  Tests with standard mirrors have shown that the monochrome CCD cameras can work in only in clear sunshine.  In general, the two ways mirrors can be viewed from both the sides. Sometime it is possible to have a look through two ways mirror by protecting the surrounding light from the mirror.  This greatly depends on the thickness of the reflecting material and the range of the light towards the viewers end.  In majority of the cases, mirrors can be easily spotted once an eye is kept open for them. So because of this reason it is not difficult to locate a secret camera that is installed behind the mirror.  Of course this shows that the individual searching for the cameras is able to closely examine and expose the camera.  Real life examples include the camera enclosed in the rare view mirror of the car and cameras hidden behind the mirror of the bathroom.

Ceiling and surroundings:

Another place where the secret camera can be installed is the top of the suspended roofs.  A small hole is made in the roof with the help of a drill and then the camera is installed in this hole.  Usually there is enough space above the ceiling so that you can also install a camcorder. In many circumstances, there is no requirement of making a hole because there are already holes of different sizes present for designs.  If the camera is placed close to a light so it is very difficult to locate. There are already a number of reports previously on secret cameras installed in these types of roofs. Alternatively, these secret cameras can also be installed inside ceiling mounted smoke detectors. Many secret camera firms provide pre planned smoke detectors. According to an American patent, cameras even may be disguised as fire showering heads.  A closed body including mirrors and lenses is mounted in the showers head and the camera is mounted on the top of the roof.  This provides a view of 360 degree.  Another safe method is to conceal the camera in a floodlight box.

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