How to find hidden camera part 1


During recent years a number of secret cameras came in the market.  These secret cameras are installed in different places such as schools, offices, universities shopping plazas, superstores, railway stations, airports, roads and many other public and private places.  Nowadays, more than 30 million secret cameras are in operation in various places all over the world.  A few countries such as England are trying to cover every corner of the public life with these secret cameras. The privacy international says that 220-400 million dollars are being spent on the camera technology in England each year, covering about 300,000 cameras in total. These initiatives results that a person who is driving in London can be observed in camera at every 5 minutes.  In the near future, government is trying to install the cameras even in taxes and other public transport to observe the public.  In Houston, about 500 taxis are equipped with these inspection cameras.

Some people will reason that the secret cameras are more or less exotic and as a result information on how to find them is not important at all. Some people take interest to find the position of the secret cameras to help the criminals.  In 1995, Fletcher, CEO of the British Security Company evaluated that firms were spending 13 billion dollars on the secret cameras to inspect their staff. A study carried by American Management association shows that 40 percent of the American companies were inspecting their staff either in a secret manner or in open way to reduce the theft, savagery and cruelty.  There are a number of reports about the monitoring of staff even in the changing room without their permission. These compact cameras are available at a very low price of 24 dollar and are set for the use. These compact wireless cameras can be purchased legally.  It’s Easy to use and low price have made these cameras very popular. So, these micro cameras can be bought and installed by any person even if he has not much financial resources.  As a result, these cameras are used in areas that are not public or semi public.  A large number of cases have been found that these cameras are used in changing rooms, bedrooms and personal room for spying on the suspected persons.  So the person doing sexual activities secretly can be monitored by these cameras. Even the open cameras are sometime used for these sexual harassment and blackmailing.  Averages of 25 percent of the CCTV cameras were used by the operators to monitor the women for sexual activities. 

A person having the interest to find out these cameras cannot only be used for criminal nature but also for the legal purposes. The important thing to be considered is to concern about the privacy and personal freedom of individuals. Especially the increasing use of face recognition software is highly criticized. It is very difficult to find out whether the camera is supported with the face recognition software or not.  This is the reason that the people who think that the face recognition can harm their freedom are not in favor of the use of the secret cameras.  So they prefer to visit those shopping malls which have less number of cameras and avoid those who use extensive number of cameras for observation. In countries having tolerant privacy protection laws, these videos of the secret cameras can even see on the TV, no matter how shameless it may be for the effected person.

Some people may argue that the finding of the secret cameras is very easy. So this informative article is of no use. A standard secret camera along with its batteries is designed in such a way that it can easily be installed in the pack of the cigarette.  The modern technology had made it possible to fit these cameras even in the pen.  An imaging capsule is also being made for medical purposes.  The capsule is supported with a camera and a transmitter. So tracking of these secret cameras is not an easy task.

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