Hook camera setup manual

Video DVR overview:

The CH DVRHD1 model hidden camera DVRs are made to give motion detection functioned video and audio recording on a memory card that can be put in the chip on the front of the camera. The files can be moved to a computer via USB cable or by the help of a card reader. These covered secure DVTs have a high intention 5.1 megapixel picture sensor for high graphics video. The device records the video at an intention of 1280*960 at 30 frames per second. The internal battery can provide non stopping recording up to 30 minutes. The battery can be recharged either by the help of the USB slot or connecting it with an electric outlet.

DVR Operation Instructions:

The clock part of the cloth hook camera is concealed in a caliber cloth hook. On the outer side of the cloth hook there is a button for switching the camera on and off. On the front of the device, there is a button for starting the recording. On the left side of the camera there is a light indicator which shows whether the camera is recording the video or not.

Power on and easy standby mode:

To start the DVR place the button on the on position. Then hold the button for a while, the light will illuminate four times and the device is now in standby mode. To start a video recording in standby position follow the guidelines given below.

Motion detection video recording:

While the clock is powered on and in standby position, hold the button 2 for a while. The green light will illuminate for three times and then close. This indicates that the motion detection video recording has been initiated. To make the recording secret, the led will remain off during the motion detection recording. To finish the motion observing recording and save it on the memory card, click the button 2. The green light will flash after saving the video and then goes to the standby mode, waiting for more instructions.

If the battery is low, so the device will stop recording the video instead of shutting down. Do not take out the memory card while the device is recording the video, because it will corrupt the file and you will not be able to read it.

Continuous video recording:

Once the device is started and is in standby position, click the button 2 gently. The green led will flash and then close. The cloth hook camera will start recording files. To stop the recording clock the 2 button again and the file will be saved on the memory card. The cloth hook camera automatically saves every file after 5 minutes.

Playback of video:

The files from the cloth hook camera can be playback on your pc via two different procedures. The data can be transferred to the pc with the help of a USB cable or by putting the memory card into a card reader and then connect it to the computer. You can view the videos on the windows media player. Some computers may not contain the required video codes. If the video is unable to play on the windows media player so you may install other video players available on the internet.

Transfer video to a PC:

Video can be moved from your cloth hook camera device onto the PC utilizing the included USB cable. Once the cable is connected with the computer, a window by the name Auto Play will open as shown:

  • Select the open folder option to view the videos saved on the memory card.
  • Secondly you can also connect the memory card via car reader to view the files.

Battery Charging:

The battery can be charged with the help of USB cable or connecting it with a power outlet. Only use the included USB cable or charger for recharging the battery. Don’t use the low quality charger. If the device gets hot while charging, so stop the charging at once. While charging the green led will be illuminating and once the battery is fully charged so the green led will remain stable. While charging the battery for first time, charge it continuously for 30 mints to get the optimum results. After first charging, the battery will be charged 15 to 20 mints.

Adjusting time and date:

The time and date of the cloth hook camera can be changed by connecting it with your computer via USB cable. You can get the required file from our website and then adjust the time and date on your computer.

Precautions and warranty:

It is the duty of the user to follow all the relative law and regulations while using any of the hidden cameras, especially those which are recording in a secret manner. The company will not be liable to any of the misuse from the operator end. The cloth hook camera is providing with a 180 days warranty unless the customers has not attained the extended warranty at the time of buying. The 1800 days warranty includes the protection of material and art. The clock hook camera is made only for internal use. Subject to the high temperatures, sand, dust and water can in effect the warranty and the device may stop its normal functioning. Opening the camera, making physical harm in any aspect or removing the battery from the device will also in effect the warranty. The company is not liable to any data lost. If any fault appears I the device during the 90 days warranty period or extended warranty period, so the company will repair the device or exchange it depending on the availability of the stock. The warranty does not cover the breakage of the device in any circumstances.

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